Live a Life of Victory

God doesn't make people sick because His presence heals. "God cannot be tempted by evil". (James 1: 13)

In Your presence the sick become healed, sinners become holy, and the blind start seeing. Your presence brings hope to the hopeless, and freedom to the oppressed. The mountains melt like wax before Your presence. (Psalm 97: >>>

Unknown Martyrs of Myanmar

Burma was under a military government control since 1962. No foreign activities were allowed in the country during that time. For 18 years we prayed for Burma and during that time we organized several Bible Schools for Burmese refugees who >>>

Seed Watered with Blood – The Story of a Pastor Murdered in the Persecution in Orissa

The scorching sun beat down mercilessly, making everyone exhausted. Sweat flowed like a salty stream, bringing tears to eyes. According to Indian unwritten rules, the bus driver either drags slowly along a winding road in the mountains, or drives too >>>

Can You Help One Child? – Receive One Child to Change the World

After a sleepless night in our uncomfortable “square” jeep we were not just tired – we were completely exhausted. Finally we stopped in front of the rusted iron gates. After many hours of driving on broken Orissa roads our backs, >>>

150 Dollars That Changed the World - How Odisha Children's Home Has Started

The world was shocked by the recent persecutions in Orissa, one of the states in India. Christians living in this state faced severest persecutions from religious fanatics. Thousands and thousands of Christians had to flee and still are hiding in >>>