Don’t focus on the problem, focus on God who can solve any problem. “Everything is possible for one who believes”. (Mark 9: 23)


Our focus determines our direction. It’s impossible to look backward and try moving forward. It’s impossible to think defeat and try to overcome. Our focus shows where we are heading to. Tomorrow you will have what you are focused on today.

Life is full of surprises. Every day we face new challenges, which we need to overcome. Right decisions bring right results. And wrong decisions bring new problems. How can we live in a such a way that we don’t spend all of our life’s energy trying to resolve one problem after another?

When Peter walked out of the boat, he wasn’t thinking that people can’t walk on water (Matthew 14: 29). His focus was on Jesus and His WordWhile Peter was focusing on Jesus, he was walking on water toward Jesus, but as soon as Peter’s focus moved to the storm around him, he started to sink.

You will go toward what you are focusing on. When you go through the storms of life, don’t focus on the problem. Focus on God who can solve any problem.

If you are sick, focus on His Word regarding healing. If you are poor, focus on His Word regarding prosperity. If you go through the most difficult time in your life, focus on His Word that God is good, His mercy endures forever and everything will be okay in the end.

Don’t allow sicknesses, problems, and setbacks to capture the center of your life’s focus. Keep the eyes of your heart fixed on Jesus and His Word. Keep walking on water and continue to do the impossible.

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Don’t focus on the problem, focus on God who can solve any problem. “Everything is possible for one who believes”. (Mark 9: 23)



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