Burma was under a military government control since 1962. No foreign activities were allowed in the country during that time. For 18 years we prayed for Burma and during that time we organized several Bible Schools for Burmese refugees who >>>


Our focus determines our direction. It’s impossible to look backward and try moving forward. It’s impossible to think defeat and try to overcome. Our focus shows where we are heading to. Tomorrow you will have what you are focused on  >>>


As often as we have the opportunity, let us do good to all people. Especially to those who belong to the family of believers. (Galatians 6: 10) Now is the time to do good. Now is when people are >>>


It is impossible to defeat kindness. Just as darkness cannot overcome the light, and fire cannot burn the ocean, and night cannot stop the day: so kindness is invincible.

If you offend kindness, she will forgive you. If you reject >>>


Lakshmi was sitting alone on the concrete floor, her face buried in her bent knees. She had lost count of the days long ago. If not for a small hole in the ceiling, she would never know when the never-ending >>>


Our faith grows and becomes stronger as a result of thanksgiving. When we thank God by faith for His future answers, our faith grows and becomes stronger. We do it even though right now we don’t see His >>>


The scorching sun beat down mercilessly, making everyone exhausted. Sweat flowed like a salty stream, bringing tears to eyes. According to Indian unwritten rules, the bus driver either drags slowly along a winding road in the mountains, or drives too >>>


Your words direct the course of your life. Tomorrow you will have what you are talking about today. God created the Universe by His Word. The word has creative power in it. You decide if you are going to >>>


After a sleepless night in our uncomfortable “square” jeep we were not just tired – we were completely exhausted. Finally we stopped in front of the rusted iron gates. After many hours of driving on broken Orissa roads our backs, >>>


Life is a decision. Your life started because of a decision, but it was not your decision. It was not you who decided that you need to come into this world.

Life is growth. Growth is an ability >>>